Interactive WhiteboardsThe video clips in my flipchart are not playing

Hi Amy, 
You can get the latest version of ActivInspire from our Planet Website. 
For the moment it doesn’t update automatically when you check for updates in ActivInspire, although in your case it would have updated you to 2.0 if your ActivInspire was configured to allow automatic updates. 

Planet link

How are the videos linked in the Flipchart?  Are they saved with the flipchart (so they would play from any machine) or are they stored on your PC and linked in the flipchart? Like Carlos pointed out, this can make a difference if you are using the schools connection to play them. 
Check on the format and the size of the videos, you might be able to convert them to a format that makes them smaller, albeit perhaps with slightly less quality, but at least they would play every time!