What is ActivInspire?Unable to download professional activinspire, even though I have a promethean boar din my classroom.

When accessing the Promethean Planet download page for ActivInspire
and clicking on the ‘Download’ button there, a file will automatically begin to
download as a new page opens.  That file
is the ActivInspire Suite installer you can use to install the ActivInspire
software and its components.


The ActivInspire Suite will only install the Personal Edition;
anytime the ActivInspire software is installed on a computer, it is always the
Personal Edition that is put in place.  It
is only after an Activation Key for the software (20 digits in length, starting
with 0015 or 0016) is entered in the software’s End User License Agreement
window that the features of the Professional Edition are unlocked and available
for use.


If you do not have an Activation Key, we can advise you on
how to generate one (depending on the hardware in place) or on whom to contact
for purposes of purchasing one.


(Support Case 00550224)