Interactive WhiteboardsUnresponsive Board and Unrecognized USB Device

The product code would be sufficient for us to determine what model of board is in use.


If the USB connection is going from a computer to that box, please instead try connecting to the electronics on the board directly, using only a single length of USB cable from the computer to those electronics.  On many boards, the electronics are going to be behind the board’s upper left corner (the board’s product code can confirm that for us).  While making that direct computer-to-electronics connection, is the board being recognized or is that same error message presenting?


Also, an updated ActivDriver has been released since the beginning of this thread; that updated ActivDriver (version 5.11) can be downloaded from our Knowledgebase in Article 10902, if needed.


Our Technical Support Team can be contacted by phone or e-mail for assistance with this issue, as well.  When doing so, please refer to case 00501532 to continue with this issue

(Support Case 00501532)