Interactive WhiteboardsUnresponsive Board and Unrecognized USB Device


Thanks for posting, I’ve logged this post against case number 00501532.

Can you confirm your board’s model (not serial)? You mentioned a message regarding the USB device connection, can you confirm the exact wording? Can you tell us how you’re connected and how your cabling is run?

If you’re connected via USB and getting an error message, I’d suggest first and foremost that you try connecting directly to the board with a known good, 9 ft / 3 m or less USB cable (For most boards 16 ft / 5 m is fine, though can cause issues with AB500s or with USB 3.0 ports) going directly from the board to the computer. If you find the same issue here, try with a computer you know works on another board of this same model.

Beyond that, I’d need to know more about the board and the error- there are a lot of different causes for the board not to connect (Some of our early Activboard Touch models were not even recognized by our driver) and not to interact that will vary dependent on the model and the exact nature of the issue.

Let us know or feel free to contact us directly using the knowledgebase or over the phone.

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support