Interactive Whiteboards“usb device not recognised”

Hi, my name is Carlos.

Can you tell me if your board has been working corectly before you get your new laptop, or with the last computer you were working?

My advice is: you can try  first conecting the last computer or other with the ActivInspire installed, and if this works is because Windows 7 or 8 take so long to load for the first time the drivers to find the board, this OS’s find first on Internet and then locally the drivers.

If this is not the problem, some times this happens to me if the USB cable was pulled out from the back side of the plug behind the board.
Try to see behind your board, ask help to lift the board from both sides and at the same time and look for the usb connection to secure the cable is pluged into.

Let me know if this solved your problemus.