AccessoriesVisual Presenter AV322 and ActiView

Hi Wendy,

So you mean that there is no need whatsoever to connect any VGA cables to the AV322 when using the USB cable and the ActiView software?

Well, that solved the “signal not passing through to the projector” issue, of course. But I still don’t get any response from the camera, and the ActiView software still only “sees” the camera when it is in standby. As soon as I turn the AV322 on, either from the software or by pressing the button, the only option available in ActiView is “Settings”, and the live view window is till black.

I know that software with USB drivers can be hard to uninstall or reinstall with good result, so is there any use to reinstall the software? Through the years when I have installed USB devices, I have learned that you should always install the software before you connect the device, or connect the device when you are asked to do so by the software installation program, but in this case you are instructed to connect the USB cable before you install the ActiView software. What is the correct procedure?