What is ActivInspire?Voume is not loud enough.

Depending on the model of board in use, there
may be a volume knob on the left side to use in adjusting the volume output of
the board’s built-in amplifier.  Turning
that knob to the right should increase the volume being output by the built-in amplifier
to the speakers in the board’s frame.  You
can also connect a set of headphones to one of the outputs on the built-in
amplifier and see if the volume is any louder or software through them.


If adjusting that knob to the left or right has
no effect or if the adjustment still produces a volume that is too low, try
adjusting the volume on the device on which the audio is being played (e.g. the
computer connected over USB or 3.5mm cable or an MP3 player or Phone connected
with a 3.5mm cable into the board’s built-in amplifier) and see if that affects
the output heard through the speakers.


Do also try playing a different audio file
altogether on the device in use or (if using a computer, tablet or other
internet-enabled device) playing a YouTube video with audio.  Alternatively, you can try plying the audio
in question through another device (or using a different program), if you are


If there is any additional extension cabling or
adapters used to make either the USB connection to the board or a 3.5mm connection
into the Amp’s inputs, please try by-passing them for a more direct connection
to the USB port on the amplifier (located behind  its volume knob) or to one of the 3.5mm inputs
on the amplifier.


Should none of the above steps have any effect
on the Volume of the audio being played through the speakers, please contact
our support team
with the serial number of the ActivBoard in question for
further assistance, referencing Support Case 00478056 when doing so.


(Support Case 004780596)