Software SolutionsWhere’s the full Resource Library?

If the software was installed using the ActivInspire Suite from
Promethean Planet (downloadable from here,
if needed), we would recommend re-running that installer and choosing either
the “Modify” or “Custom Install” option, depending on which one appears when running
the installer .  If the “Custom” option
is chosen, make sure that the ‘Core Resources’ are selected as a component to
install.  If “Modify” is chosen, ensure
that the Core Resources are set to “this feature and all subfeatures will be
installed” if available.


If that component has already been installed (either as seen
in Windows’ Programs and Features, or seen as installed when attempting to utilize
one of the installation options above), then you can search your computer for
one of the resources which should have installed as a part of the Core resources
(an example would be Color wheel.ap2)
and either set ActivInspire to look for resources in that location or move the
resources there to the location where Inspire is looking for them.


(Support Case 00248894)