Software SolutionsWhy is the screen black when I use the desktop camera tool?

Hi ll18,

Thanks for your reply.

What we are trying to do is to replicate exactly what steps you are taking from opening the software and getting this issue to see if this is a bug or potentially an issue with a setting on your computer.
We need to confirm the steps and options that you are selecting in order to test as I have tested ActivInspire 2.11 using a Windows 10 computer and selecting Tools>Camera>Area Snapshot, selecting my area and this is correctly taking a screenshot of this chosen area.
If you are using different options, please let us know.
If you have the Professional edition in use, you could try to use the Screen Recorder to show this issue that you are experiencing. Click on Tools>More Tools…>Screen Recorder and save the file and attach it to the community post.

I look forward to your reply.

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Promethean Technical Support