Interactive WhiteboardsWon’t annotate!

The Annotate Over
Desktop tool is only available in the Professional Edition of the ActivInspire


To confirm whether the
Personal or Professional Edition is in use, look in ActivInspire’s ‘Help’ menu
for ‘About’ (in Windows) or in the ‘ActivInspire’ Menu, under ‘About
ActivInspire…’ (in OS X); in bold type across the top of the window will be the
version number of the software, preceded by either “ActivInspire Personal Edition”
or “ActivInspire Professional Edition”.


If “ActivInspire Personal Edition” is in use, then
you will need to acquire an activation key for the software, which will be 20
digits long and start with either 0015 or 0016. 
If your IT staff does not have a key available or if there is not a Key label
on your board, please
contact our support team
, who can assist you in generating an activation
key using either the board’s
Serial Number and Product Code
or a
connection to a piece of Promethean hardware

If “ActivInspire Professional
Edition” is in use, please check under your ‘Tools’ menu for the Desktop Annotate
Tool.  If it present there and not in
your toolbox, you can add it through ActivInspire’s Settings or Preferences (Windows
or OS X, respectively) in the “Commands” tab there.