What is ActivInspire?xBox 360 and Promethean Board has no sound

A 500 Series ActivBoard does not have any HDMI ports (or any
video ports) to which a connection from the XBOX360 can be established.  Any HDMI connections would need to be made directly
into the projector used to display the image onto the board’s surface.


The “Projectors” page on our Knowledgebase will show pictures of the
models of projector we support; which of those most resembles the projector
used with your board?  If the projector
is not pictured or if the projector is not a Promethean-branded one, you may
need to contact the projector’s manufacturer for assistance with audio output from that projector.  If your
projector is pictured, we can advise you of whether that projector can output
the audio to an external device and the location of the part for doing so on
that unit.

(Support Case 00545086)