What is ActivInspire?Yosemite is not fun(ny)

Thanks, Adam, for your quick reply.

The first 5 digits of the serial number are 65E78

 The pen will write with this caveat: one has to aim several
inches to the left of where one wishes the writing to be in order for it to
appear properly; the same with the touch, one has to aim left and high of the
spot one wishes to click.  My sophomores
were kind enough to try this for me, but the fun soon left the attempt because
of having to guess where to click and write.

 The ActivManager version listed at the bottom of the
ActivManager’s control panel is version 5.11. 7.

 The librarian did a presentation with a MacBook Air
yesterday and  the board did not have touch capabilities. 
When I hooked the board up to a second MacBook Pro, I have the same issues as I do with my MacBook.  All of the computers are running Yosemite.