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      Gareth EdmondsonGareth Edmondson

      The more I speak to people in tech/education tech the more I hear of people needing the original 1st Gen pens. Clearly Promethean have been silly to stop them.

      So – how easy are they to make? Has anyone reverse engineered one?


      Promethean Support – Could you provide the design specs so we could look to make a batch? Maybe open source the design?


      There is demand.


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      Hello Gareth,

      Thank you for contacting Promethean Technical Support.

      As the first generation ActivBoards have come to their end-of-life cycle, so have the compatible pens. Accessories and spare parts for these models of boards are not manufactured anymore and we their design specs would be hard to find.

      However, we still offer our customers support with their queries.

      What we can suggest is to look for these products on online selling sites.

      We apologise for not being able to provide more help.

      Thank you and kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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