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    1st issues:

    when i I use my Promethean touch, my computer or board keeps opening a window or looks like something is constantly pressing on the screen.   When I shut off the board, it stops.  Computer is normal.

    2nd issue

    Yesterday, I smelled something coming out of the exit fan on projector PRM 35.   I immediately shut it off and unplugged.    Today I used it for 5 minutes, smoke and a bad smell came out.   Then it shut off on its own and I unplugged the cord.    Any advice?


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    Hi drewster76,

    Do you know the model of ActivBoard you are using?
    Can you ensure that there is nothing on the frame of the ActivBoard that could be recognised as a touch input, such as sticky notes/pictures etc?
    Is this randomly happening over the screen or always in a certain area?

    For the PRM-35, can you ensure that the grills on the side are free from dust build up.
    If you still have an issue, try testing another lamp to see if this is a fault with the lamp and overheating.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Technical Support

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    The board never had a sticker or anything placed besides the Promethean pen.   I did wipe the area where the problem occurs, but still issue.  I can send a video, but it won’t allow me.   

    fyi:   When I turn off the board, problem goes away.   Then when I power it on,  I can touch the area where problem was and board is ok.   

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    Hi drewster76,

    Thanks for posting.
    When the ActivBoard misbehaves, is the problem always in the same area or is this random over the surface of the ActivBoard?

    To see if there’s any touch interference, please could you disable the touch for the ActivBoard.
    Please refer to the below article on how to disable this:

    Please let us know if the same issue occurs once this has been disabled.

    Kind regards
    Promethean Technical Support

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    The board worked flawlessly when I disabled touch.  Any idea what it can be

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    Nothing is on the board

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    Hi Drewster76,

    Thanks for that information. We have an article on our support site Here with some troubleshooting steps for this type issue. 
    although you have already attempted some of the steps, the others will help to identify what the issue might be with the board. At times, these types of issues are related to environmental factors. 

    Please let us know if any of these steps resolve the issue and we can go from there. 


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