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      I am having a bit of an issue with a new 578 Pro Board installation.  The pen/touch seems to be lagging behind whenever I move but does catch up when I stop writing.  The lag seems to be slightly less with the pens but still very noticeable.

      The latest drivers are installed (for my Windows 7 32 bit machine) and I have tried reinstalling them.  I have also used another machine and the issue still occurs.  This issue occurs throughout Windows and not within a specific program.  The USB cable used is the one that was supplied with the board.  There doesn’t seem to be any spikes in disk or CPU usage when using touch/pen.

      Please help


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      Hi Robert.
      Thanks for posting on the forums.
      I would recommend contacting us directly for further investigating on this issue.
      I have created a case to help assist with this issue, please quote case reference number 00482900.
      A list of our technical support numbers can be found here:
      Alternatively you can contact us by email by filling in the form here:


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