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      Jason StoxenJason Stoxen

      Hello! I work in IT for a school district, and we installed many of the ABV587PRO ActivBoards over the past 2 or so years, and recently some of them have started spiking without any known reason. The one I have been using as my test subject has been updated and upgraded all the way with software, firmware, drivers, etc. and is still having issues. I also read that USB extensions will sometimes cause this to happen, so I even removed all extensions and plugged the laptop directly into the board and the spiking is still happening. Here is what I’m working with:

      HP Compaq 6470b Laptop Windows 7 Pro x64
      ActivInspire v2.4.66096
      Firmware v8.63 Build 2
      Driver v5.8.46.3

      I also recently updated the laptop’s firmware, which included updates that improved the functionality of the USB ports, but this problem started happening well before that. Also, we have identical laptop/ActivBoard setups here in other rooms that have never had a problem.

      Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated!

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      First, is the spiking being seen when using pen input to
      operate the board, touch input, or both? 
      If the spiking is seen when using touch input at the board or if the
      cursor starts to move immediately upon connecting the USB cable form the board
      to the computer, please refer to Article 10899 from our Knowledgebase for steps on disabling
      the touch features of the ActivBoard; does disabling this touch functionality
      affect the behavior seen when using the board?


      Also, if needed, an updated 5.11 ActivDriver can be downloaded
      from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase; Does installing this driver affect the
      behavior seen at the board?


      Does using a different computer and USB cable (preferably ones
      that work with another board of the same model) improve the interactions?


      (Support Case 00527709)

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      Thanks for the quick response Jarrad! I have spoken with the teacher using the aforementioned setup  and we will try disabling the touch feature next week, as she plans to use that part more starting Monday. Currently she is using the board as a glorified projector and not even connecting the USB because of the spiking.

      I will also download and install the driver you mentioned here, which will be done before Monday as well, though it has thus far indicated that it is not likely a driver issue, as various versions of the driver all seem to result in the spiking.

      I will have to check again, but I’m fairly certain that others have tried using their assigned laptop(s) with this ActivBoard and have had the same trouble with spiking. I have also tried using a variety of different USB cables, and there has been no change.

      I hope to gather more information/results early next week and update this post with my findings!

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      I apparently placed my last response in the wrong spot, sorry. I spoke with the teacher yesterday and the board was spiking terribly, so I went ahead and turned off the finger touch function. I checked with her again today and she said that it did not spike at all today. I told her that I will let it stay that way for a few days and check back with her at the end of the day Monday to follow up. So far, to me, the touch function sounds like the problem.

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