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      “Blue Screen” occurs with Promethean AC1, AC2, or ActivHub on Windows build 1903 and above

      These products were first introduced over a decade ago.

      We have found that in some instances the use of a these products when connected to a computer running Windows 10 1903 and above can cause a “Blue screen” crash.

      As part of Promethean’s commitment to our existing customers using our legacy products, we have been extensively investigating potential solutions to this issue. A major part of this investigation centred around driver certification for this legacy product on Windows 10 build 1903 and above.

      Two certificates have a major impact on the operation of the products:

      • A code signing certificate lets users know that the software comes from a ‘trusted source’. Our installers, including ActivInspire & ActivDriver, are signed with a code signing certificate.  Our certificate that provides this did recently expire, and was renewed.
      • A hardware device driver certificate is provided by Microsoft and is embedded into third party kernel mode device drivers, and allows the driver to be run without any of the driver certification protection being turned off.

      Windows 10 1903 has introduced a different way of communicating with the kernel mode device drivers which form the core of our ActivDriver is when it is being used with all of our legacy ActivBoards and ActivHubs. The technology limitations of the ActivHub combined with the new certification, makes it impossible to achieve device driver certification.

      Despite our best endeavours, this change introduced in Windows 10 build 1903 means Promethean can no longer offer support for drivers or software for our AC1, AC2 or ActivHubs when used with Windows 10 build 1903 and above.

      What alternative does Promethean offer?

      To try to help our long time users of these legacy products, we have produced a modified ActivDriver that appears to avoid the blue screen problem when used with our legacy ActivHub. However this driver is not supported by Promethean. Promethean has not put this modified driver through normal formal testing and quality assurance procedures. Therefore installation and use of this ActivDriver is entirely at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that the download and installation of this unsupported driver will fix the problem and we also cannot guarantee that the installation and download of this driver will not have other unintended consequences. As such, we recommend that you test this unsupported driver in your local environment before making a decision to roll it out broadly.

      IMPORTANT:  If you wish to access this unsupported ActivDriver please use the details below.

      The link to the unsupported ActivDriver is here:


      The use of this unsupported ActivDriver may require you to perform one of the additional options detailed below in order to get a successful connection to your ActivBoards after the installation.

      Option 1: Disable  ‘Secure Boot’ in your computer BIOS if it is supported by your computer/ operating system.

      Option 2: Disable driver signature enforcement within Windows 10.

      ·        Click the Start menu and select Settings.

      ·        Click Update and Security.

      ·        Click on Recovery.

      ·        Click Restart now under Advanced Startup.

      ·        Click Troubleshoot.

      ·        Click Advanced options.

      ·        Click Startup Settings.

      ·        Click on Restart.

      ·        On the Startup Settings screen press 7 or F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.


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