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      Strange request, but I have two generation 1 ActivBoards running firmware version 2.71 and 2.87 which I would like to downgrade to v2.63 (if such madness is possible?!). Is this old firmware still available anywhere?

      And now the explanation; we recently replaced a large number of classroom computers at one school with newer models, ones obviously without serial ports. USB to serial adapters were used, but the staff quickly reported issues with two of the boards. Things got very slow, hung and crashed a lot, and while I initially suspected the PC hardware, tracing with the Microsoft performance diagnostic tools quickly revealed that “Activhidsermini.sys” was causing a ridiculous number of interrupts and high CPU usage in the background, and this was what was causing the problems.  Another 6 gen 1 boards around the school are using the 2.63 firmware (possibly the original?), and they all seem to be working fine on the latest version of Windows with the same unsupported drivers that fixed issues in 1909 and later builds of Windows. The the newer firmwares in these cases went on to support the old ActiVotes a long time ago.

      I tested other serial adapters and PCs (on the same 20H2 version of Windows), and no joy, same problems, so I’ve now removed the serial driver so the computer is happier, and will likely just replace the boards with discarded old ones from another school eventually (the two members of staff would rather have their new computers than a working board at present!). But I’m curious, since the firmware seems to be the only difference between these boards, would putting the old one on allow them to plod on for a little longer?

      I know that there’s little chance of a firmware from about two decades ago still floating about in a folder at Promethean HQ, but figured it was worth asking!  If not, is it possible to backup a firmware from the older boards, and then restore this? I’ve got nothing to loose with these two boards anyways.

      Many thanks!

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      Hi Nilknarf,

      Thank you for your post.

      I’m going to open a case and send you an email about this, as it will be easier.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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