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      Kristabelle BrannonKristabelle Brannon

      Hello, I am a teacher using an ActivBoard in my classroom.  Recently, something has changed on my computer (I have not installed any updates, so I’m not sure what it is) to make ActivInspire problematic, to say the least.  I am still able to open ActivInspire on my computer and use my pen, but the pen only works as a cursor.  It will not register any clicks or “write” on the board.  The cursor feature works and moves with the pen, I just can’t “click” on any of the buttons or “annotate” on the board.  I know that it as an issue with my computer, because the board and pens work with other teachers computers, just not mine.  I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else and also how to resolve the issue.  I use my board everyday and if we have to change to remote learning, I will still use ActivInspire to annotate the screen using an ActivSlate (which also only allows the pen to work as a cursor). Please help & thanks in advance! (Also, I have installed the latest ActivInspire software and updated the driver to see if that helps, it didn’t.)

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      Kate PrometheanKate Promethean

      Hi Kristabelle,

      Thank you for your post.

      In regards to the issue you are having, sometimes with Macs there are some elements that need enabling for ActivInspire to work correctly.

      Please find below the article that will help you enable these permissions:


      If this does not solve the issue then please feel free to get back in contact for further help.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support


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