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      Zak LoundsZak Lounds

      Hi so the board is plugged in as shown in the manual, the speakers work on the board fine, Windows shows that there’s a device but it won’t install a driver to it. I installed the latest activdriver and it still won’t install the board. Also in the top left corner where the symbol is, it isn’t lit up.

      The school has had this board years and it’s never been setup or worked, which is a real shame. I’m new IT Technician and I want to get it working for them.


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      In cases such as this, we will recommend a few steps to help determine the cause of the lack of connection being experienced:

      – Check all of the Power and USB connections in place, disconnecting them then reconnecting them after about 15-20 seconds; for the USB connection, we’d recommend re-connecting it into a different USB port on the computer.

      – Ensure that your ActivDriver is at the latest version (5.12, as of this post). If needed, the updated Driver is available for download from the ActivDriver page on Promethean Support. Be advised that any previously-installed ActivDriver will need to be removed before applying that update.

      – If the USB connection in place utilizes any additional hardware (such as an extension or booster cable, a wallbox, or a docking station), please instead make a direct USB connection between the computer and the electronics behind this board’s upper left corner, using only a single A-to-B USB cable (similar to one used with USB-connected printer or scanner), no more than 3m in length.

      – If no connection is recognized then, try using a different USB cable and computer (preferably ones that are known to work with other ActivBoards) to make the same direct connection to the board’s electronics.

      – On the back side of this board’s upper left corner will be a cover that can be unscrewed from the back of the board to reveal two sets of electronics, each with their own square (B-side) USB port pointing downwards. Connect directly to both of these electronics, one at a time, and see if the computer recognizes a connection to either or neither set of electronics.

      At this point, if no connection is recognized, we would recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team by Phone or E-mail with the board’s serial number and a summary of any troubleshooting attempted with the board prior to contacting them. They may ask some additional questions based on those steps taken and use the serial number to verify any warranty coverage in the event any parts are found to be faulty.

      (Support Case 00640564)

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