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    Matthew Roslevich
    Matthew Roslevich

    As these ActivConnect devices are a limited Android device, is there any program out there where I can image/backup one and image/restore to another?

    These are rebranded Zidoo Z6 Pro android streaming devices. While I could root it, and install TWRP, I’d rather not void any warranty I may have -yet. It’s tedious to sit there, run updates, then sideload apps that aren’t available on the Promethean’s app store (Aptoide partner) on the devices, though.

    I tried creating a full backup through ADB, using “adb backup -all -apk -f c:\activConnect.ab” but restoring it to another one seemed to only restore parts of the full backup made..

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    Pam Promethean
    Pam Promethean

    Hi Matthew,


    You can do that with the device management, here is a link to information about Viso

    If you need more help with these devices, please click on this link to contact support

    Thank you,


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    Matthew Roslevich
    Matthew Roslevich

    So there’s no on-site backup/restore/configuration utility? I don’t want an MDM solution – it won’t get approved..

    I tried updating the offline update zip file, but it’s signed, so I can’t add the apks to it the way I want. Eh, I’ll just void the warranties and get them set up the way I want then. Thanks.

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    Hi Matthew Roslevich,

    Thanks for posting.

    We do not currently have a way of performing an on-site backup/restore/configuration utility for the ActivConnect.

    I will however raise this request with our product teams to review and hopefully implement in future software versions.

    Kind regards,

    Promethean Support

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