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      Hello Team

      I need some help with two eboards Promethean. When I’m writing or drawing some risks appears without my intention. I did a lot of things to try to fix it but I couldn’t solve the problem.

      Things that I already done:
      – Re-installed Active driver for the latest version available
      – Re-installed Active Inspire for the latest version available
      – Re-installed OS Windows 7 and the Promethean softwares mentioned before
      – Changed the USB cable for a new one
      – Changed the keyboard
      – I don’t use mouse
      – Updated the firmware version sent by you (by e-mail)
      – Tried with other computers (different hardware)

      I have to fix it the faster than possible because this problem has been occured for a long time.
      For let you know, I already sent a video to demonstrate the issue and I didn’t have any solution yet 🙁
      I’m very disappointed.

      My eboards serial are:
      *****/ ***** (removed by Support)

      Can you help me, pleeease?

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      A demonstration about my issue

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      I’m sorry, I foget to mentioned: I changed the ActivePen for others 2. Didn’t help me to fix

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      Hi Akira,

      Thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      I’ve checked your previous case (655984), I would recommend following up through email regarding the steps you’ve done. 
      I will follow up on email regarding this issue.

      Promethean Technical Support

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