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      Charles PribylCharles Pribyl

      I have ActiveInspire working but when I go to File – Import – pdf files are NOT listed as an option to import. Only PPT, SMART and Resource Pack. I would like to know how to import pdf files when that option is not listed. Thank you

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      The reason why you are not seeing the option to import PDF is because this feature is locked if you are running the personal edition of the software. Only the professional edition will fully unlock all of the features including the option to import PDF. You will need an activation key in order to validate the software to professional.

      Your reference number is 00470854.

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      I know the problem now but .. I have new problem when solving this one

      Our institution uses the Promethean Board extensively, so I assume we can use the professional version of ActivInspire free of charge. A few years back we were given an activation key (I still have it) to use when we download and install the ActivInspire to out own computers.

      But I recently download / install the software again and accidentally hit the “Use the Personal Edition” button when first time starting it. And now I seem to stuck with the Personal Edition on my computer, even though it otherwise works fine, it cannot import PDF file to Flowcharts like the Professional version does. I tried to download and re-install several times, but just can’t get that initial start up screen to startup asking me to enter passcode and choose an Edition. It’s the professional version that I want.

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      Hello Ze,

      Your reference number is 00470854.

      To upgrade to the professional version please open ActivInspire, click on help > about. A box will appear

      now click on “upgrade now” located at the bottom left corner, make a note of your license key and activate your version of ActivInspire.

      This will now give you the professional version of ActivInspire.

      Any problems please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.


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