What is ActivInspire?
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      Suzi-Jayne AndersonSuzi-Jayne Anderson

      I cant download active inspire on my mac

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      If there is a problem with downloading the ActivInspire .dmg
      from Promethean Planet, can you try to use a different web browser (e.g.
      Firefox or Chrome) to access that site and attempt to download the
      software.  Please let us know if the same
      issue presents when downloading the .dmg file using a different browser; if any
      error message appear, kindly advise us of the contents of those messages.


      If the issue is with mounting the .dmg file or running the
      package files within that .dmg to install the software and ActivDriver on the
      computer, can you describe what happens when running those installation packages,
      advising us of any error messages that present during that process and the
      version of OS X in place on that Mac?


      If the software was successfully installed, but you are
      unable to open or run the software, can you describe for us what happens when
      trying to open the software?  If any
      error message presents, kindly advise us of their contents, as well as the version
      of ActivInspire installed on the computer.


      (Support Case 00550805)

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      I have an issue opening the software after download. This is the message that I get:
      There is no application set to open the document “active inspire_main_res_v1.1_ENU.asa.4a”
      I tried to search the app store but it doesn’t work…

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      my mac tries to open the program but closes again

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