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      Lawrence PreedomLawrence Preedom

      So I just got off of chat with a Promethean Rep. discussing the fact that with the OPS-G ActiveCalibrate does not work. Why is this installed on the OPS-G then? Is there a reason this is still loaded by default? And why is the answer I get “Just don’t think about ActiveCalibrate”? Our Teacher need a better way to calibrate other then having to go into windows and use that calibration tool. Most of the time due to security we do not allow them to even get into settings. Teacher need a better way to calibrate their own boards that will not confuse them. Is this issue being resolved or am I expected to keep hearing “It has never worked”? Anyone else having these same issues?

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      Wendy PrometheanWendy

      Hi Lawrence,

      Thank you for your feedback regarding this.  I can see why you would think that, but just to clarify:  there should—as a general rule— never be a need to calibrate an ActivPanel. (Not to be confused with ActivBoard, but you wouldn’t use an OPS device with these).

      The ActivCalibrate app was developed in the early stages of our ActivPanel generations to help customers who were experiencing an issue where the graphics card signal of the PC was not translated into the correct resolution on the ActivPanel, or as a workaround to try and resolve issues with using a non-supported “Extended” display mode if there was a reason it could not be used in Duplicate.

      With the latest versions of our ActivPanel has become largely obsolete but to accommodate teachers who use the original model/generation of the ActivPanel we have kept the App included with the software.

      In conclusion:  if your teachers find they have a reason to calibrate their ActivPanel on the OPS source, then we’d have to look at the underlying course. If they find they have to calibrate it when they connect their own PC/Laptop, then again, it would be necessary to look at the underlying cause: e.g. cable length, adapter, Graphics Card, etc.

      Hope that clarifies, but feel free to let us know if you have further questions.









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