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      Stephanie LeachStephanie Leach

      When using the text questions for my ActiveExpression 2 devices, the responses do not all show up in the ‘who answered what’ screen. The little boxes with the numbers turn yellow, but I can’t see if all the kids got it right or not. How do I fix this?

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      HI Stephanie, 

      Which version of ActivInspire are you running and what firmware is on your ActivExpression 2 devices and the Hub? 
      If you could confirm these, then we can advise further. 
      You can find the ActivInspire version by going to Help – Info from the Inspire menu, the Firmware on the Devices by clicking on the diagnostics after switching it on and the Hub by clicking on the ActivManager icon in your system-tray and going to the Control Panel, the firmware will be listed behind the Hub. 

      Alternatively just give our Tech Support a quick call if you would like some assistance with this, your reference is: 00464404.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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