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      I am using a Windows 10 PC with the latest version of Active Inspire but whenever I try to change a page or use the drag a copy feature in my flipchart, I get an error message. The message says “ActiveInspire has stop working.”  This has happened numerous times. What do I need to do to keep this from happening? 

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      Hi and thanks for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the issue you are experiencing, if you open ActivInspire and click on Help>About please let us know the version number you are using.
      If you are using a version older than v2.8 we would recommend updating the ActivInspire software. Currently the check for update feature within ActivInspire isn’t working, you will need to go to the link below:

      Please uninstall your current version, restart and then install the ActivInspire 2.8 version.

      Please ensure that you have the latest Flash and Java installed also.

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      I am experiencing the same issue.  Windows 10 running Inspire version 2.11.66910.  Updated Java and Flash and it still happens intermittently.  Also Uninstalled and ReInstalled.  

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      Was the flipchart in question created on this computer or created elsewhere and downloaded to this computer?  If the latter is the case, does creating a flipchart on the computer and attempting to change pages or drag copies of objects in that flipchart cause the same behavior?

      Does this happen with other flipcharts with which the same actions are attempted?

      Is this happening when other users who log in to the same computer open the flipchart and perform the same actions?

      After cleaning out the %TEMP% folder on the computer, does the same behavior occur?

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      I am having the same issue with multiple flipcharts to the point where when I hit save I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that it doesn’t get corrupted or give me the error. I’ve tried moving the file/folder from USB to desktop and still have the same issue. I’ve cleared temp files. I’m using v2.8. I’ve basically done many of the troubleshooting things I’ve seen online. I need help! I can’t teach if the flips keep crashing. 

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      Sorry to hear that you are having issue with the software.
      What is the Operating System of the computer you are using?
      For it to happen with many flipcharts, it could also be an issue with your user profile being corrupted.
      Can you have another user log in your computer and see if the same issue replicates?
      Or alternatively create a different user profile on your computer, and log in as the new user profile to test.
      Lastly, we will need you to upgrade the software version to 2.11, to see if that fix your issue.
      Prior to doing the upgrade, please uninstall version 2.8 that you currently have installed on the computer.
      The new version can be downloaded from this link:
      Hope this helps.

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