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      Neesha MarksNeesha Marks

      Hi, I was just wondering where we stood with software and licences before making decisions of our future boards.  We have a promethium board with active inspire which we love and would like to keep using activinspire as a school.  We need to replace all our boards.

      Q 1. If we replace them all with promethium boards, do we get the full version of Activinspire for free?  (for every computer or just the ones attached to a board?)

      Q2. If we get different boards (we may get some given to us for free as we’re on a budget but they won’t be promethium) can we still use the free personal version of activinspire (I read some where we can use the free version on a computer but not if the computer is attached to a board)

      Q3. If we replace the promethium board, do we lose the licence for activinspire or can we still use the full version on that computer but with a different brand of board?


      Any other information you can pass on about licences and what right/wrong will be helpful, as we want to do it right and knowing what’s right will help us make our future decision on what we buy or get given.


      Thank you.


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      Hello Neesha,

      Thank you for your post.

      Pease, find below the answers to your questions.

      You may find further details about the ActivInspire Licence Agreements on our Support Portal, under manuals and documents:

      If you replace the old hardware with Promethean hardware, the latter will come with an ActivInspire activation key that allows you to upgrade to the Professional edition of the software and to use it on one computer at the location where the hardware is and one personal computer (for example if the teacher needs to prepare lessons at home).

      The personal version of the software can be installed on a single computer and can only be used  with Promethean equipment. The software is not permitted to be operated with any other 3rd party (non-Promethean branded) interactive display devices.

      The same applies to the third scenario: if you replace the Promethean hardware with third party hardware, you won’t be able to display ActivInspire on any third party interactive display devices.

      Please, doo not hesitate to get back in touch, should you have more queries.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      Neesha MarksNeesha Marks

      That really helpful. Thank you.  If we want to purchase a site licence or a licence for each board how much will they be (licence for the use of activinspire studio). If the cost is quite high it might be a case of we keep our original promotion boards while we save up a little more to either purchase activitinspire licences or promethium boards.


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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean

      Hello Neesha,

      Thank you for your post.

      We do not hold the pricing for the site or individual licenses. You will need to speak to our Sales team for a quote.

      To contact Sales, please complete the below form-

      Kind regards,


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