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      I am having trouble registering my activeslate PRM-RS1-01. After I press the flame, the word register comes up. But it will not allow me to put in the pin. The word PIN does not show in the window. Any Ideas?

      I also have another activeslate PRM-RS2-02 that will not charge when I plug it in. Does this mean that the battery is unchargeable?

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      Please be advised that the RS1 slate does not register to the
      same ActivHub as the RS2 Slates; it will register to either an earlier model of
      ActivHub (resembling an ActiVote with a USB cable coming out of it) or to a
      second-generation ActivBoard (Product Code starting with ‘PRM-AB2…”).  If that device is detected and chosen during
      the registration process, and the same issue presents when attempting to
      register the Slate, please reset the Hub or the Board through the ActivManager,
      then close and re-open the software and attempt to register the Slate


      If the RS2 slate is not charging with any compatible adapter
      used with it, we would believe that slate to be defective.  While that model of ActivSlate is likely outside
      of its one-year warranty, our Technical Support Team can be contacted to
      confirm its warranty coverage using its serial number.

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      My classroom is equipped with  a Promethean board. I also have an Activslate product code PRM-RS2-01. I do not know how to utilize these to their fullest extent. Is there online training I could view? Printed material? Help is appreciated.

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      Hello MrsChizz48,

      Thanks for reaching out on our support community.

      We have some resources on our support site that may help out

      Promethean Support

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