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      Steven NessSteven Ness

      Hi , The Technicians at Queen Anne High, have been asked to reinstall Activestudio2 software on one of our Desktops. However, the Department has lost their licence number. Would it be possible to tell us what the number is if we gave you the serial number of the board. (S.N is 5472039216).

      yours hopefully

      Steven Ness (Technicians)

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      We would not keep a
      record of the software Activation Keys used for any given user or account, so
      we would not be able to provide that information.


      Additionally, we are
      no longer providing support for the ActivStudio 2 software; we would recommend
      instead the use of our ActivInspire software, downloadable from this
      on Promethean Planet.  That
      download will install the free Personal edition of the software on the
      computer; to unlock the Professional Edition features and tools, you will need
      an Activation Key for the ActivInspire software.


      Our Technical
      Support Team
      can, given the serial number and product code from the board,
      advise you on how to generate an Activation Key to use with the ActivInspire software.


      (Support Case

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