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      pamela carrollpamela carroll

      I can’t get activexpression self paced questions to appear on the pupil device screens (it is the older style active expression devices, not the ones with the keyboard).  The flipcharts have been used in the past in a different school with the keyboard activexpressions so I don’t think that is the problem.  The active hub driver was recently updated, could this have caused the issue?  Thanks for your help

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      It may be that your firmware on your hub and your handsets need upgrading to support self paced questions.
      And/or It may be you are running an old version on ActivInspire? (Try at least v1.8)
      I’m not a Promethean Tech Support agent. But I do a lot of training on the handsets throughout the UK.
      Hope this helps?

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      Further to Jon’s point, Not only should the ActivInspire software and ActivDriver be at their latest versions (The installer for both is downloadable from Promethean Planet here), but the Firmware for the ActivExpression devices and the ActivHub need to be at their latest as well.  Article 10421 from our Knowledge Base will advise you on how to update the firmware on those devices.

      (Support Case 00485876)

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