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      When a self-paced question is created, and the division sign is added to the question (such as 8 (division sign) 1) the division sign appears on a new line of the ActivExpression screen, and pushes other characters off the Expression screen.  There is no way to scroll up and down the screen, so students can not see what to divide the first number by. 

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      FYI – I’m running the latest version of ActivInspire, Device version is V12.06 B01 and hub is running V5.13 Build 0

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      ActivInspire v2.4.66096

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      Hi Dolly,

      Thank you for your post.

      We are sorry to hear about the issue.

      Please could you attach a flipchart to your reply with the questions causing an issue so we can test it fully?

      Kind regards,

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      The page that is having trouble is page 6 – the division
      page.  As you can see in the image below, the division sign has been used
      (via the “equation symbol maker.”)  Sadly, when the vote is started only
      the first number and the division sign show up on the ActivExpression
      screen.  If I take the division sign out of the question  and replace
      it with another character (not from the equation symbol maker) such as
      “/”  all numbers appear on the ActivExpression screen.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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