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      taylor ponstaylor pons

      Activhub is not showing and activotes are not coming up on my ‘Device Registration’ screen. It only says Classflow. I will NOT be using classflow because I teach first graders. they can’t bring devices to school so I’d just like to use my activotes as I have done before Classflow was added to Activinspire. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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      If you had recently updated the ActivInspire software, you will also need to make sure that the ActivDriver has also been updated, so the software can recognize and use any devices registered to the ActivHub.

      That updated 5.12 ActivDrvier can be downloaded from our Promethean Knowledgebase, in Article 10902. Please be advised that any ActivDriver installed on the computer already will need to be removed prior to the installation of this updated Driver.

      (Support Case 00591949)

Viewing 1 reply thread
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