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      I just installed the latest version of Activ Inspire as it requested me to do so. Everything was running perfectly well on the previous version I had installed, but now everything has ground to a halt within the software. Clicking the text icon take 2 full seconds for the text cursor to change anything, dragging a resource from the bar takes equally as long. Why is it struggling so much? Some things are fast (like writing with a pencil, and using the fill tool), but text and resources are taking far too long.

      I am using a 2018 Mac on Mojave.

      Please help. This is not good.

      I have done a short screen capture to demonstrate:

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      Craig PrometheanCraig Promethean


      Thank you for your post.

      To help resolve the issue, can you please change the scaling on your Mac to default.

      This can be done through your system preferences.

      Once the scaling has been set to default, please test ActivInspire and let us know the results.

      Thank you,


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      Do you mean this:

      If so, I haven’t changed it, this was already the setting.

      If not, please can you explain to me how to find and change the scaling you are referring to.

      Thanks in advance,


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      Adem PrometheanAdem Promethean

      Hi Jon,


      If you then press scaled and ensure it is standard this has helped other customers with the same issue. Here is a guide:


      Please let us know how you get on.


      Thank you.

      Kind regards,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      Hi Adem,

      I have tried all 5 of the different options, but the Activ Inspire options are still running ridiculously slow. If there is no other solution, please can you tell me how to downgrade my version to the previous version. There is no way I can teach like this.

      Thanks in advance,


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      Adem PrometheanAdem Promethean

      Hi Jon,

      The 2.17 version is available to download from our support site. This version is not available yet from the automatic updates in ActivInspire but here is the link:

      Please let me know what version you want sending to you and I’ll send it to you via email.

      Also, have a look at this article it might help:

      I will also pass your findings to our second level support team.

      Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.




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      Thank you for your help.

      I have installed 2.17 from the link, but the delay now is even more pronounced. Pleased can you send me a link to any version that was prior to the first use of the new style dashboard, as I think it was all working fine before this was introduced.

      Thanks in advance,


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      Hi Jon,

      Here is a link to version 2.15 of ActivInspire:


      Please let us know if this helps with your issues.


      Promethean Support

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