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      Laura CLaura C

      With the 2.22 release of ActivInspire, users can permanently disable the Dashboard from opening at launch. We have also corrected actions that led to crashes to desktop, fixed issues specific to macOS Big Sur, and resolved 50 global bugs. 


      • Users may disable the Dashboard opening at launch by checking a box at the bottom of the Dashboard panel or in the settings. 
      • A callout has been added to point out that the Dashboard can still be opened using the Rocket icon.
      • ActivInspire now displays updated Great British Pound currency images, consistent with current notes and coins. 

      Bug Fixes 

      • Special characters (diacritics) appear properly 
      • Pen modifier – callout and Pen modifier – line have been properly differentiated 
      • Crashes to desktop introduced in v2.21 have been fixed 
      • Touch navigation works properly with the annotate tool 
      • Screen recorder captures sound from media players 
      • Ukrainian users will see several quality-of-life fixes 

      To download the latest version, visit the ActivInspire download page. 

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