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      Vern KollasVern Kollas

      I have a teacher that has purchased fonts and has them properly installed in her Fonts folders.  All other apps, Word, Powerpoint, etc, can use these fonts just fine.   Up until recently, they also worked in Inspire in her flipcharts.  Now, it is not seeing the fonts.  The text still shows that it is using the custom font, but when you look at the dropdown list of available fonts, her purchased fonts are not showing up in the list now.  Any thing I can do to get Inspire to use her fonts again?

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      Hi Vern,

      Thank you for posting on the Support Community.

      With regard to the issue raised, ActivInspire currently can’t handle fonts that are sub-categorised. If any of the fonts that were purchased have sub-categories this won’t be shown within ActivInspire.

      We do have an open ticket with our Software development team to review and look in to this. I’ll add your Support post to this open ticket and hopefully, this will get fixed in future releases of the software.

      Kind regards
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Thanks for the reply.  Is there something I can check to confirm that these fonts are part of a sub category?  From what I can see, each font shows in the list individually, rather than a group, such as Arial.  Also, the teacher previously had version 2.7 of Inspire installed and I upgrade to 2.8 and still had the issue.

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