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    Activinspire keeps crashing whenever I want to open it I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it 3 times now. It comes up with a box and just closes. Any ideas it has been really annoying because I can’t plan lessons.

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    Hi tails109,

    Thanks for posting.

    Does the box have any text or any error messages?

    I’d recommend rather than using add or remove programs to uninstall this, to perform a complete manual uninstall for ActivInspire.

    Please follow the steps on the below link:


    This will help to delete files that are used specifically for ActivInspire in the background that may be causing the issue.

    Once all content has been deleted, please restart your computer (this is essential). Please download a fresh copy of ActivInspire and then try to install this.

    Ensure that your Flash and Java are up to date too.

    Kind regards,

    Promethean Support

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    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the quick response i have tried all of them steps but it is still crashing on the start up box.

    Will i need a brand new installer?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Taylor,

    If you create a brand new local admin account on the computer and try to launch ActivInspire, does this work?

    When you refer to the start up box, is this the ActivInspire flame that appears when you first launch the software or the dashboard?

    Kind regards,


    Promethena Support

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