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      Tracy LaneTracy Lane

      My ActivInspire is crashing when I try to flip between pages that have large graphics on them. Each week I create a flipchart for review that includes scanned images of each of my worksheets for the week in .jpg form. Last week, ActivInspire started giving me an error message and closing when I tried to move from one page to the next. It also crashes if I try to use the Page Browser to move from one page with a large graphic to another. It does not crash if the graphics on the pages are a small file size.

      I am running the latest version of ActivInspire available on your website (I downloaded in hope of solving the problem) on a Windows 8.1 laptop. Any help is appreciated.

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      In addition to using graphics
      files of a lesser size on the flipchart, we would also recommend using fewer of
      those graphics in a flipchart (splitting them into smaller flipcharts, if
      needed), and cleaning out the computer’s Temp folder if that error presents


      Also, try saving the
      scanned files as PDFs, which can be imported directly into the ActivInspire
      software, if your scanning software will allow that.


      (Support Case

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