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      James DubanJames Duban

      – Is there a mobile app available to view ActivInspire flipcharts?
      – If no mobile app, how about a ActivInspire flipchart viewer for PC or Mac?

      I’m looking for options to allow my students to view our class flipcharts (outside of ‘Print’ – ‘Export to .PDF’). I’d like them to able to view the flipchart I produce, to include clicking on link shortcuts. Thanks!

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      We do not produce an application to view ActivInspire
      flipcharts on mobile devices nor is there a viewer application for computers.


      However, a feature of the updated ActivInspire software does
      allow teachers to share the flipchart with students via ClassFlow, so long as
      the teacher is logged in to that service and students are connecting to the
      class through their version of ClassFlow on their computers or mobile devices.


      For more information on ClassFlow, please visit http://www.classflow.com.


      (Support Case 00553638)

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      Jarrad – Got it, thanks very much for the quick reply!  I’m off to check out ClassFlow…

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