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      Hi all,

      I don’t want the non-admin-end-user to be able to check or download updates (even if I know he can’t install without admin credentials)

      In ActivInspire on Mac, is there a way to remove/disable the “Check for updates…” in the Help menu, 
      or from the ActivInspire Dashboard (Menu View/Dashboard/Configure/Check for updates)
      or from the Preferences/Edit Profiles/Online Settings?

      Is there a plist file somewhere to disable or dim this option?

      OS X 10.9.5
      ActivInspire v2.4.66096

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      Thank you for your post.

      There is currently no way to remove the “check for updates” option in the help menu.

      We can add open a request for an enhancement with our software team but i am unable to provide you with a date when / if the requested would be actioned.

      Thank you,


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      OK fair enough for the Help Menu.

      We have 30 users. What do you suggest to avoid automatic downloads kicking off each time they start ActivInspire and click the default OK button on this popup?

      On the above one, you have to check the tickbox to disable (and click Cancel to avoid starting the download!). You check a tickbox and you click Cancel to confirm your choice (logic!?!?!)

      On the below one, you have to check the tickbox to enable

      Is there a plist file somewhere that tracks the status of the software update/automatic checks tickboxes ?

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      If you un-tick the box “check for software updates on start up” you should not get the message to check for updates.

      When you un-tick the option do the users still have the update message?



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      Correct. But you still don’t answer my question. Is there a plist file that record the status of that tickbox? I want to force the tickbox to be unchecked. I assume this is a per-user profile, when more than one user account is using the computer?
      I’d like to remotely verify this particular tickbox status for all users on every of the 30 Mac we have.

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      Hi, I can’t really advise a specific plist file that
      contains the setting though I can advise how you can disable the check for
      updates using an Admin.ini file. We have a KB ( article
      that explains what the admin.ini is and where to put it. When you visit the
      site search for article 10387 (sorry I am unable to link directly to it).

      You will want to edit Key 11, setting the value to 1 in order
      disable the updates. When placed in the correct directory on the system the
      option should change / disappear from the settings so it cannot be changed
      without editing the admin.ini file.

      Hope this helps

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      Hurrah! Almost a day of ping-pong posts to get this! I assume this has to be re-applied with any new ActivInspire sw updates.

      Thanks for your help and support

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