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      Hi.  We are having big hub problems at my school.  Devices are falling off of hubs from one computer to another.  My ActivInspire shows the hub and the devices, but the device list that looks like a checkerboard is not showing up in my voting browser.  What is going on?

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      Two things to check for in the ActivInspire software in this


      –  In ActivInspire’s Voting Browser, there is a
      drop-down menu which toggles whether Inspire is looking for ActivExpression or
      ActiVote voting devices.  Setting that dropdown
      to the devices in use should allow them to appear in the voting browser.


      –  In AcitvInspire’s settings (File > Settings
      in Windows; ActivInspire > Preferences or COMMAND
      + , in OS X), you can choose to have the software display only devices
      which have users assigned to them through the ‘Assign Students to Devices’
      feature in the Voting Browser.  In
      Inspire’s settings, look to the ‘Learner Response System’ heading for the
      setting ‘Show assigned devices only’ and make sure it is unchecked (You can
      toggle the devices to target here, as well).

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