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      Daniel GriffithsDaniel Griffiths


      I am a Maths teacher at a school in Blackburn (not far from where Promethean is based). For years we have used ActivInspire for our planning and delivery. I have thousands of flipcharts. From September we will be moving all of our systems away from Microsoft to Google by using Chromebooks and install Chromeboxes in every classroom. We also have Promethean ActivPanels in every classroom (Cobalt I think) I want to keep my Flips but there is no version of activinspire that runs on Chrome so I have a few questions.

      1. Will there be a version of Inspire for Chrome?
      2. I know that there is a Linux version that could technically run on Chromebooks but the spec requirement seems far higher than most Chromebooks. Can/will there be a simplier version?
      3. You will probably say I have to migrate to Classflow which is much slower and less responsive. I have attempted to use this but the writing tools are sluggish when at the board (On an ActivPanel!) Is there no Classflow app for the ActivPanel rather than having to open Classflow files through an external computer?
      4. I have the Classflow Chrome App that allows me to create a Classflow Lesson and save it directly in Google Drive. This is very useful as I don’t have to open the classflow site and go through the pain of loging in then going to resources and finding the resource. The problem I have is that I need to convert my Flips to Lessons and when I do I can’t seem to save these to Google Drive! Is there a way to do this to make it easier to use classflow especially with an ActivPanel?
      5. From what I have seen Promethean has focused a lot on the ActivPanels and not on how they will integrate with the lesson delivery software. Will there be better integration? When will this be as it would appear from the forums that some teachers have been waiting for these enhancements I have listed for years?

      Thank you. As you can see I am eager for some sort of response.


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      Noel PrometheanNoel Promethean

      Hello Daniel,


      Thank you for  your post.

      At this time,  the software ActivInspire is not in development for the ChromeBook OS however what you can do, is use ClassFlow. With setting up a ClassFlow account, you can import your ActivInspire flipcharts to your account.

      Classflow is a web based application. And can be use directly on the ActivPanel, without having the computer connected to the hardware. As long as you have internet connection you can log into your Classflow account, and use your Flipcharts, once you have them converted to Classflow Lessons.

      Flipcharts can be converted to ClassFlow Lessons for use in that application:

      Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.


      Thank You,


      Promethean Technical Support

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      Daniel GriffithsDaniel Griffiths

      Yeah I understand this and made that comment myself. Please will you answer my other questions?


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        Hello Daniel,


        Thank you for your reply.


        As we stated there is currently not a version of ActivInspire for Chrome OS. If you would like we can submit an enhancement request for this.


        Also, to answer your question about classflow becoming faster and a potential version of ActivInspire for the panels, we can submit enhancement requests for these as well.


        Please let us know if you would like us to send this enquiry up to our development team as we would be more than happy to do so.


        We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing back from you soon.


        Best regards,


        Promethean Technical Support

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