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      It would be helpful to have more information about this available. Thanks

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      HI Hilary,
      Please see the below changes which can be found in the “ActivInspire Readme.txt” file:

      Functionality Changes
      – Support for Mac OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”
      – Support for Mac OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”
      – ClassFlow integration – Deliver flipcharts within the ClassFlow infrastructure
      – ClassFlow integration – Allow to register and sign in to ClassFlow
      – ClassFlow integration – Register and sign in via Google, Facebook Office365
      – ClassFlow integration – Support for ClassFlow Student app on ExpressPolls
      – ClassFlow integration – Support for sharing flipchart page with ClassFlow Student app
      – ClassFlow integration – Support for Remote Control (Next, Previous, Share) using the ClassFlow Teacher app
      – ClassFlow integration – Support for adding camera pictures as pages using the ClassFlow Teacher app
      – ClassFlow integration – Supports both Web Sockets and Long Polling to better suit school networks
      – ClassFlow integration – Displays ClasFlow Class Code in the header
      – ClassFlow Integration – Work with ClassFlow and ClassFlow for Schools
      – On dual mode boards the default for “touch input handling” and “touch interopability” is set dependent upon operating system
      – Updated help file with “What’s New in 2.0” – US & UK English only
      – Military Protractor tool improvements for units of measure, reference points, locking and “snap-to” at bottom
      – New tool added to enable the army to plan firing ranges = Weapon Danger Area tool (WDA)
      – WDA Tool enhancements (add firing line with Draw Full Ground and Draw Full Hard)
      – Greek and Azeri translations included for the application
      – Now supports ActiView model DC 125 document/object viewer
      – ActiView allows support of higher resolutions

      Bug Fixes
      – Using Arabic handwriting recognition does not now cause the resulting text to “jump”
      – New help file that can open correctly on all browsers – US & UK English only
      – ClassFlow integration – speed enhancements of sending a card from ActivInspire to a ClassFlow Student
      – ClassFlow integration – improved the quality of images/annotations received by a ClassFlow Student
      – ClassFlow Integration – Mac implementation made more robust
      – Classflow Integration – Mac student count update improved
      – “File” > “Export” > “All Pages to …“ now honours the request to process all pages
      – Spanish “Tools” menu keyboard shortcuts added and duplicate accelerator keys removed

      I hope this information helps

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      Thanks – although not everyone can find their way to that file.
      I was hoping for a link to an online version, ideally in Promethean Support. Easy to refer people to that if they enquire.

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      And another question – when I ‘Check for updates’ through the Inspire Dashboard, the message is that I currently have the latest version, even though I have v 2.3.65940
      Is it possible to update to 2.4 through the Dashboard, or do I need to go through the full download?

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      The ActivInspire 2.4 update is not available through the ‘Check for Updates’ option in Inspire. That update needs to be downloaded from this page on Promethean Planet. The updated ReadMe file (ActivInspire Readme.txt) can be found in either C:Program FilesActiv SoftwareInspire (Windows) or ApplicationsPrometheanActivSoftware InspireDocs (OS X) when the updated software is installed on the computer

       (Support Case 00514364)

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      Thanks Jarrad. Helpful to know that this is only available through downloading, not via the ‘Check for Updates’ option.
      WHICH page on Promethean Planet? Link, or pathway please.

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      Hi Hilary,

      ActivInspire can be downloaded by going to
      Once this has loaded, select the language and the operating version you wish to download.

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      Thanks Adam. 

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