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      Loren KleinLoren Klein

      What it says on the tin.

      Since updating to 2.6 I have been having issues with my self-paced questions using ActivInspire starting on numbers other than question 1 when I have “Allow student navigation of question set disabled”

      When you close the flipchart and reopen it, the error occurs again, but when you restart ActivInspire and reopen the flipchart it then works.

      Not really looking to fix it as much as making a bug report. As an aside, thanks for (finally) fixing the artifacts when names are entered into ActivExpressions on Macs.

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      Hi Loren,

      Thank you for your post – we will let our software team know about this, however can you please confirm details below, please?

      – does this happen with multiple flipcharts?
      – does it happen with different users?
      – what is the model of the ActivExpression devices?

      Thank you

      Promethean Technical Support

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      Sure thing…

      (1) Yes, multiple flipcharts, whether I made them then tried them, or open an older one, regardless of whether I made it on a Mac or PC
      (2) If by users you mean the ActivExpressions, then yes. Usually it’s about 75%-100% of the class. It’s happened 5-6 times since I updated the software and I wasn’t paying too close to the exact number. 
      (3) ActivExpression Series 1 devices. If you want to ship me 32 ActivExpression Series 2’s, I’d be more than happy to embark on a multi-year bug testing program for you. ;^)

      If you need any more data though, let me know and I can put it together for you. Everyone else at school runs ActivInspire for PC, but I’m the only one who actually uses ActivExpressions, so I can’t really tell you if it’s just a Mac issue unless I dig out my old PC laptop. I’d be more than happy to if need be though.

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      Hi Loren,

      We have spoke to our second level support team in regards to the issue and they are aware of it.

      The only work around we have is to restart ActivInspire.

      We hope to fix the issue in the next version of ActivInspire.

      Thank you,


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