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      Michael AguasMichael Aguas

      When I start my computer the icon for ActivManager has an X in front of it.

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      Check the USB cable. The board and the computer are not connected.

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      A red ‘X’ on the ActivManager Icon is an indication of a connection problem between the computer and the hardware in use.

      One of the initial steps we would advise would be to check the USB connection in place, ensuring that not only is the USB cable in use plugged in to the computer, but also any extension cables, wallboxes, or other hardware which may be used to help with that connection; disconnecting and re-connecting those cables and connections would be advised. You also may want to by-pas any additional hardware in use for a direct USB connection between the computer and the board’s electronics to see if that will help facilitate the connection.

      We would also want to confirm the version number of the ActivDriver installed on the computer in use and whether that computer is Windows-based or a Mac, as well as the Product Code from the board in question to help us further direct any troubleshooting for this issue.

      (Support Case 00597919)

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      All connections to the computer and the board has been connected and reconnected. Driver has been updated to 5.12.7. on the Windows-based PC. The Product Code is ABV387PRO. I checked the Control Panel on ActivManager and there is a Tab entitled ActivEngage2. There is a message that says “The system cannot find an ActiveEngage2 server at this URL.” Can this be the problem?

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      Hi Michael, 

      ActivEngage is a separate program and won’t have any impact on the connection to the ActivBoard.

      On the ActivBoard itself, where the LED is in the top left, please could you confirm what colour this is? 
      Is the amplifier also powered on (green LED on the left hand side of the ActivBoard).

      If the LED on the ActivBoard is red this also indicates a connection issue, we would recommend testing a direct USB cable from the ActivBoard to the computer bypassing any wallboxes/connection plates and extenders that may be in use. 

      I hope this information helps.

      Kind regards,
      Promethean Technical Support

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      Thanks.  By-passing the wall connection seems to have done the job!

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