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      I would like to try to calibrate my stylus to the board. The board seems to not take any input from the stylus at all. I tried hovering the stylus over the flame. The flame would change from red to blue. However, the stylus still isn’t working.

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      Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for posting. The flame in the top left being red as default indicates a connection issue between the computer and the ActivBoard, the fact it changes colour when you touch the pen to the ActivBoard shows that it is recognising the pen input.

      The first thing we would suggest is trying a different USB cable directly to the ActivBoard that is 3m or less bypassing any faceplates or connectivity panels.

      We would also suggest updating to the latest version of ActivDriver, the latest once can be found by going to http://www.PrometheanKB.com and searching for article 10902.

      Please let us know if this is successful.

      Kind Regards,

      Promethean Technical Support

      (Support Case: 604107)

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      My promethean board doesn’t have a flame in the corner and the version of ActivStudio software doesn’t provide a red x on the upper bar of my mac.  How do I calibrate the board?  It’s a wall mounted board with the projector that is on an arm off of the wall.  Any ideas?

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