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      John O'MahonyJohn O’Mahony

      Promethean AB 378 Pro

      Firmware on this board has been updated to version 8.12 HID latest version from the internet and ActivDriver is 5.18.19. Laptop is a DynaBook, Windows 10 Pro 20H2. If laptop is restarted after USB cable is plugged in, ActivMgr powers the board ok. However, if teacher has laptop on desk, goes to the board, connects USB cable from the board without restarting the computer, ActivMgr which has been launched at startup, attempts to connect to the board, appears not to find the board as flame doesn’t change colour and keeps pinging without making a connection.

      I would appreciate some suggestions to remedy this as it is a bit of a hassle to have to restart.
      Thanks in anticipation.


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      Hi John,

      Do you recall what the previous ActivBoard firmware was prior to updating to 8.12?

      The reason we ask, is that it is recommended that you should be on 8.10 prior to updating to 8.12.4.

      If you weren’t on this version, or not sure, we’d recommend downgrading your firmware to have 8.10 and then updating to 8.12.

      You can follow the link below and apply the firmware to downgrade:


      Once downgraded, this will put 8.10 on, please upgrade using the online feature to 8.12.4.


      If you were at 8.10 prior to updating, this may be in relation to your USB Power settings, please ensure that this is not set to disable.




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      John O'MahonyJohn O’Mahony

      Hi Adam,

      Many thanks for your reply. Hadn’t considered the possibility of USB power settings might be causing the issue here so that is something that I will check out and revert to you, it may be a few days though.

      In relation to the previous firmware version, the board was on Version 8.4, this particular board hadn’t previously had a firmware update. I was aware of the necessity to install 8.10 first from file download before upgrading to 8.12 hid version and followed the recommendations in the Article 1038 that you referenced. I have been updating boards in the school over the last two years as issues have arisen following Windows updates or new laptops being purchased.

      Thanks again.



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      James PrometheanJames Promethean

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your reply.

      We will wait to hear from you again to decide how best to proceed if required.

      Hopefully our previous suggestions help remedy the issue.




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