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    Is it possible to add an OPS-G unit to an ActivPanel 5 (activconnect-g)? We tried, and are seeing some issues with touch. Just wondering if anyone else has successfully done this.

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    According to the below article from our support website, the ActivConnect OPS-G module has been tested with and found to be fully functional with our version 2 and above ActivPanels:

    1015 – Which OPS is suitable for use with the ActivPanel?


    What issues are being experienced with the OPS-G’s response to touch input made on the Panel’s surface?

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      Thanks for your reply. We are able to plug in the unit and we have plugged in a laptop to the OPS unit. We added the HDMI In bubble and were able to see the laptop’s screen on the board when going to the HDMI In application. But once we do that, we can’t control the screen via the Promethean touch or the mouse/trackpad on the laptop. When we move the mouse, it just drags around whatever window happens to be open, as if we are clicking and holding down while dragging. And when touch the Promethean screen, it doesn’t select what we are clicking on. When trying to calibrate, it says No Promethean board detected, or something like that. I’ve run updates to get to the latest. We unplugged the ActivConnect-G unit from the back and replugged, but it doesn’t work either way. Wondering if we need a firmware update.

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    Hi jmooretca,

    Thanks for your reply.

    To confirm, have you got the USB Touch cable also connecting from the laptop into the OPS-G? As this will be needed to control your touch through the HDMI IN application on your laptop.

    Are you also connecting a Windows OS or Mac OS, as this may handle the interaction differently as Mac OS does require direct connectivity to the ActivPanel rather than the HDMI In app, this is because your driver does not communicate with the ActivPanel using the HDMI In app through the OPS-G (also the same for Windows, however Windows OS has touch drivers built in to the OS).

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Promethean Support



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      This is interesting. We are using a Mac mini plugged in to the OPS-g unit using the HDMI In app on 2 newer Promethean ActivPanels v6 without any issues. We plugged the computer in to the unit that is attached to our v5 Panel the same way. We will keep troubleshooting, as there are some differences in the setups, mainly different OS on the computer we have connected. I will report back with our findings.

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      Thank you for that update, @jmooretca.

      Please let us know your findings once you have them; we may have further questions and advice based upon them.

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    We were able to insert the OPS-g units into these older panels and they are up and running!

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