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      With the 4.2.0 release, we’ve introduced new features to simplify the process of replicating panel configurations from one ActivPanel to another. This feature is helpful for users who want to standardize their panel configurations or replicate settings across multiple ActivPanels. We’ve added the ability to configure standby mode and sleep mode so that panel screens do not go dark unexpectedly or at an inconvenient time. We’ve also implemented a number of fixes to address issues with Google Drive and OneDrive folders, pen and touch lag when using external devices, Screen Share, Panel Management, and more.

      New features

      • Users who are signed in to the ActivPanel as Owner can now configure multiple panels quickly and consistently using a USB drive.
        • In the Settings app, select System, and then select Import/Export Configuration. Follow the steps to export the panel’s settings configuration to a USB drive. Access Import/Export Configuration on another panel and follow the steps to import the configuration file from the USB drive. The following configuration settings can be imported and exported:
          • Network (Wi-Fi and ethernet)
          • Bluetooth settings
          • Enable users and profiles
          • Display (Unified Menu, Home Source, Enable Apps, Wallpaper, Source Detection, Power On Default Source, Standby and Sleep Timers)
          • Proximity sensor
          • Option to lock the Settings app on configured panels
        • NB: Before importing or exporting a configuration, make sure that the panels are the same model with the same firmware version.
      • Users who are signed in to the ActivPanel as Owner can use the Standby and Sleep Timers to choose when the panel will enter standby mode and sleep mode. In the Settings app, select Display, and then select Standby and Sleep Timers.
        • The Standby Timer saves energy on the panel. When the panel is inactive for the period of time that is selected on the timer, the screen will turn off. Interact with the panel to turn the screen on again.
        • If the panel continues to remain inactive after the period that is selected on the Sleep Timer, the panel will go to sleep (enter low-power mode). Press the power button to wake up the panel.
        • When the Standby Timer is set to Never, the Sleep Timer cannot be used. To use the Sleep Timer again, adjust the Standby Timer settings.


      • Information about the ActivPanel, such as the panel model, firmware version, and serial number, is now easily accessible in the Locker. Open the Locker and select the information icon to view the About this panel tab.
      • When a source signal on the ActivPanel is disconnected, the display now automatically switches to the Power On Default Source.

      Bug fixes

      • Cloud file storage
        • When a user’s Google Drive account is removed from the Cloud Connect app, the user’s credentials are now deleted.
        • Users can now create new folders and copy files into folders in Google Drive and OneDrive.
        • Users can now select files in Google Drive and OneDrive and open them directly in the appropriate app (for example, PWB files can be opened directly in the Whiteboard app).
        • Improved stability of the Whiteboard app when saving the file to Google Drive or OneDrive.
      • Pen and touch
        • On the ActivPanel Nickel, there is no longer a lag with pen or touch when using external devices connected by USB or HDMI.
        • The ActivPanel Titanium now allows the second pen mode to function as an eraser with a Windows 10 connected device.
        • An ActivPanel Titanium with a Windows 10 connected device will no longer experience loss of touch in the Whiteboard and PowerPoint apps under certain conditions, such as signing off/on and source switching. These issues initially occurred as a result of the Windows 10 Version 2004 update.
      • Screen Share
        • MacOS and iOS devices now connect to a Screen Share session via AirPlay quickly and consistently.
        • The Screen Share sender for Windows devices now connects to a Screen Share session faster.
      • Panel Management
        • ActivPanels will no longer reboot unnecessarily as a result of power-down commands being queued in the Panel Management app.
          Previously, when an Administrator applied a power settings configuration in the myPromethean portal, and a user turned off the panel before shutdown occurred in the Panel Management app on the panel, the power down command would be queued. The next time the panel was powered on, the command was executed automatically, which caused the panel to immediately turn off.
      • Additional fixes to all ActivPanel models
        • Users will no longer experience recurring pop-up notifications when plugging or unplugging a USB drive or copying a large file.
        • 4K wallpaper files are no longer blurry.
        • The on-screen countdown timer before the panel goes to sleep is now visible to all users. In earlier firmware versions, only the Owner account saw the countdown timer.
        • We’ve improved language translations in German and French for the panel menu and text fields.


      To download the update for your ActivPanel Elements Series, please visit the Downloads page.

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