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      Jon ChambersJon Chambers

      Can you, as you can with the ActivBoards, drag text or images between programmes using the ActivPanel touch? (e.g. from Word or a website to an open Inspire page)
      I tried it and it doesn’t seem to work,as my finger is not recognised as a mouse.

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      Input on the
      ActivPanel will be recognized by the computer connected to it over USB as a
      mouse-like input.  Any movement of text,
      images, or other objects between open programs should operate in line with the
      capabilities of the programs in use and their compatibility with each other and
      the objects being moved.


      First, ensure that a
      USB connection is in place between the computer in use and the “Touch USB” port
      on the Panel.  At that time, the input on
      the Panel should be recognized by the computer as a touch input.  If you are still having problems operating
      the ActivInspire software at that time, access ActivInspire’s settings menu
      (File > Settings in Windows and ActivInspire > Preferences in OS X) and
      look in the ‘Dual Mode ActivBoards’ heading. 
      Ensure that ‘Touch Input Handling’ is set to ‘Touch or Stylus’ and close
      the settings window.  You should then be
      able to operate the ActivInspire software using input at the Panel.


      If Touch input is not recognized
      at that time, please reboot the computer is use and connect the USB cable to a
      different port on the a computer, and also make sure that none of the sensors
      in the frame of that panel are blocked and have been cleaned off. 


      (Support Case 00483726)

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